Online Training to Improve Results
for Talent Acquisition Professionals

In today's rapid, ever-evolving business environment, talent acquisition professionals must have both the technical and non-technical skills to uncover and recruit the right talent for their business demands. ERE’s online training courses teach and reinforce the competencies that recruiters need to be successful via a video-based, self-paced learning platform.

Expert Training

ERE has nearly 20 years of experience educating talent acquisition professionals. We are recruiting specialists with deep knowledge of what it takes to be successful.


Recruiters who have completed ERE’s online training courses are saving their company time and money through more efficient and higher quality hiring.


Whether in an office, telecommuting, or traveling, recruiting teams can access ERE’s online training courses on any device or browser wherever there is an internet connection.


The content is available on-demand and you and your team can begin the course within 24-hours of purchase.

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