30-Day Free Preview

In Spring 2020, we made a small amount of the content from SourceCon Academy available for free for 30 days - in an effort to support talent acquisition professionals who had lost their jobs because of the pandemic. We have now discontinued this program, but you can get a 5 day FULL preview during the free trial period at the beginning of either our quarterly or annual subscriptions at https://www.sourceconacademy.com/

Companies using SourceCon Academy to advance their sourcing capabilities:

What SourceCon Academy Graduates Say

"SourceCon Academy was a perfect way to establish core skills for my new sourcing team and advance them very quickly."

- Tangie Pettis, Senior Manager, Strategic Talent Sourcing

"You will learn so many new sourcing techniques that will always be useful and relevant, regardless of the technologies that come and go."

- Danielle Bailey, Strategic Sourcing Manager, Altria

"There's always something more to learn in sourcing. SourceCon Academy has lessons for everyone."

- Mark Lundgren, Sourcing Trainer, Global Talent Sourcer, and Host of the Sourcing Challenge Show

"SourceCon Academy was completely eye-opening for me. The training shifted my perspective on how good sourcing is accomplished."

- Alison Cuellar, Project Manager, Boyle Ogata Bregman Executive Search (BOB Search)

"My true passion is sourcing and I found SourceCon Academy to be refreshing and invigorating. It challenged me to learn new skills which made me a stronger sourcer."

- Ausra Reed, Staffing Consultant, Unum

"SourceCon Academy will teach you the most efficient and effective sourcing methods."

- Vanessa Raath, Tech Sourcer & Sourcing Trainer, The Talent Hunter

"SourceCon Academy is probably the best online training course for sourcers currently available on the market."

- Jan Tegze, Author of Full Stack Recruiter and creator of Sourcing.Games

"SourceCon Academy is hands down the most valuable online sourcing training for recruitment professionals! I still find myself regularly revisiting the content and referencing many of the lessons."

- Susanna Frazier, Senior Sourcing Specialist, Walmart eCommerce and 3-time SourceCon Hackathon Winner

"After taking SourceCon Academy, my team began to produce some great candidates that they found in blogs, social sites, and other examples that Mark Tortorici gave."

- Terryl Bronson, former Director of Talent Acquisition, Ashley Homestores

"SourceCon Academy is fun, engaging, and easy to understand. This sourcing training is perfect for a new sourcer who wants to learn the basic foundations and seasoned recruitment teams who want to learn the latest techniques and tools."

- Anne Smith, Manager of Talent Research, Hilton

What You'll Learn in the Full Course

Boolean Strings for Profiles

Construct effective search strings that can be used within any search engine or database to uncover candidate profiles.

LinkedIn Sourcing

Get the most from your free or premium LinkedIn account and discover new LinkedIn hacks.

Diversity Sourcing

Increase your workplace diversity with sourcing-specific tactics to find and recruit diverse candidates.

International Sourcing

Find candidates via region-specific resources and techniques, including EMEA and APAC lessons.

Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs)

Learn how to build your own Google Custom Search Engine.

After Watching the Free Preview, Purchase the Full Course

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