Recruiters and Sourcers who have completed the course are raving about SourceCon Academy!

"Do you know that feeling when you reach the end of an intense TV show? I had a similar feeling when I finished SourceCon Academy. I binged the full course over the past week and I just wanted to see more! The SourceCon team did an amazing job and it's probably the best online training course for sourcers currently available on the market."

Jan Tegze, Senior Recruiting Manager and Author of Full Stack Recruiter

"SourceCon Academy is hands down the most valuable continuing education course for recruitment professionals! The content is practical, and the curriculum is well-structured. I still find myself regularly revisiting the content and referencing many of the lessons. Take it from the first two-time SourceCon Hackathon champion, this is well worth the time and money invested. You won’t regret it"

− Susanna Frazier, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Universal Music Group and 3-time SourceCon Hackathon Winner

"When I joined my company I had some great recruiters, but they didn’t know how to hunt which is what I think a great sourcer is able to do. I looked into SourceCon Academy and decided my team and I were going to go through the program together. It was amazing! I’ve been in TA since 2006 and I learned so much from the program. My team began to start producing some great candidates that they found in blogs, social sites, and other examples that Mark Tortorici gave. As I have added new recruiters to my team, I tell them they will need to go through SourceCon Academy as part of their training. I highly recommend this program for any new recruiter or sourcer and I think those of us that have been in TA for years could learn a few things as well."

- Terryl Bronson, Director of Talent Acquisition, Ashley Homestores

"Completing the Sourcecon Academy training has given our TA organization the shot in the arm we were hoping it would. The content presented was very relevant to our daily work and there were so many useful tips and tools within each module that the training really moved along. We loved the fact that the training was self-paced and available over mobile devices. The topics within each module led to some very spirited discussions amongst our recruiters and sourcers. The content touched on all of the core competencies within our industry and also pushed the envelope to include the latest tools, methods, and trends. I highly recommend Sourcecon Academy to anyone looking to up their sourcing game."

Patrick Moran, Talent Sourcing Manager, BAE Systems and 2-time Winner of
World's Greatest Sourcer

“There’s not a lot of real training for recruiters today. SourceCon Academy taught us new and innovative ways to find and reach out to candidates. With so much competition in the market, it is paramount to standout and be different. SourceCon Academy has given us the knowledge to do just that.”

– Kristin Hughes, Senior IT Recruiter, Odyssey Information Services

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"As a Sourcing Newbie, SourceCon Academy was able to provide a solid introduction to sourcing concepts and tools necessary for my success. I enjoyed the self-paced format and easy-to-follow examples because it allowed me to practice the concepts, explore the tools and create my own searches as I sourced for my requisitions."

Priya Sankar, Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Heartland Dental

"While building out the Talon RPO recruitment team, I found that each new hire brought different sourcing and recruitment experiences to the table. I discovered SourceCon Academy when researching training programs and found the course content to be exactly what we were looking for. SourceCon Academy has helped Talon RPO baseline each team member’s skill set which has improved performance and consistency across our client’s various recruitment projects. We unanimously agree that SourceCon Academy was a valuable investment in the future of the organization."

Matthew Burzon, Founder, Talon RPO

"The Sourcing function is relatively new to our Talent Acquisition team here at Broadridge. Sourcecon Academy was able to teach our Sourcers, myself included, about the most up to date tools and successful methods to identify the best in class talent for our organization. I was able to learn various search techniques at my own pace and on my own time. SourceCon Academy opened many doors for our recruitment team, not just in the realm of online learning, but in networking as well. We will be sending our Sourcing team to the upcoming SourceCon event in Atlanta to learn even more and better our knowledge."

Katie Kranz, Sourcer, Broadridge Financial Solutions

"SourceCon Academy was a game changer for me! The skillset that I have developed has allowed me to uncover so many more qualified candidates. I see this course as a stepping stone and am looking forward to attending future Sourcecon events to continue to build on my learnings."

- Ashley Carroll, Corporate Recruiter, Schneider National

"Sourcecon Academy provides visually engaging modules which helps you pace yourself and complete the training on your own time. The lessons are detailed, easy-to-follow, and tailored to all experience levels. As an experienced sourcer, the course sharpened my current skills and process, and I also learned a few new ideas that I have not seen before."

- Ronnie Bratcher, Sourcing Consultant, Arete Alliance, LLC