Sourcecon Academy

Master cutting-edge sourcing techniques to uncover and engage hidden talent

Technology, the Internet and social networks provide greater access to people and information while also bringing new complexities and challenges to recruiting. SourceCon Academy teaches recruiters and sourcers about the most current tools and methods to uncover the right talent for their business needs. New sourcers and experienced pros will learn search techniques that go beyond the usual suspects as well as candidate messaging and engagement strategies that get results.

• 62% of Recruiting & HR leaders say sourcing is the most important aspect of their talent function.

• 55% of Recruiting & HR leaders say sourcing is their biggest challenge.

• 80% of passive candidates are open to new opportunities.

Modules within this micro-learning course will cover topics including how to utilize resources like Facebook, Twitter, user groups, Github, Stack Overflow, Bing, Exalead, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Meetup, blogs, associations, patents, conference attendees. In addition, SourceCon Academy contains topics such as candidate messaging, telephone sourcing, cold calling, candidate engagement, candidate motivation, screening questions, elevator pitches, candidate control, hiring manager interactions, legal questions to ask candidates, and much more.

This is a free preview of Sourcecon Academy. The full course, with 111 videos and over 15 hours of learning, will be available soon.

Class Curriculum

  Elevator Pitch Voicemails
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  Boolean Strings for Profiles
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  LinkedIn Sourcing
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